... and fliers and fanzines and ephemera 1977 - 1983

Single items or whole collections
Fair, immediate cash payment

Contact: Ryan Richardson

Condition is the most important factor in determining offers. The better the condition, the higher the offer. My offers for want list items range from $25 to $500. I'll travel anywhere coast-to-coast for substantial collections. The list below is merely a starting point... click on my e-mail link above and lemme know what you've got.

The more obscure, the better!

Records listed here are 7in. unless noted (10in. + 12in. + LP)


Accident — Kill The Bee Gees b/w True Detective (No Threes '79) w/ PS
Active Ingredients — Hyper Exaggeration b/w Bird On Fire (Active '80) w/ PS
Active Ingredients — Laundromat Loverboy b/w Identity Loss (Active '80) w/ PS
Afrika Corps — Music To Kill By LP (Iron Cross / Dacoit '77)
Agent Orange — Bloodstains EP (Agent Orange '80) w/ PS
Agnostic Front — United Blood EP (AF001 '83) w/ PS
Agnostic Front — Victim In Pain LP (Ratcage '84)
AK47 — Kiss My Machine b/w The Badge Means You Suck (Pineapple '80) w/ PS
Alleycats — Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Dangerhouse '78) w/ PS
GG Allin And The Jabbers — Studio Live EP (Blood '79) w/ PS
GG Allin — 1980's Rock ‘n’ Roll b/w Cheri Love Affair (Destiny '79) w/ PS
GG Allin — Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be LP (Orange '80)
GG Allin And The Scumfucs — Eat My Fuc LP (Blood)
Ambient Noise — I Was There At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Glimm '80) w/ PS
Ambulance — It's All Up To You b/w I Remember (Urgent Sound '80) w/ PS
Angle — Rock & Roll Death Camp EP (Mucus '81)
Anti-Band — Success (Zebian '82) w/ PS
Antidote — Thou Shalt Not Kill EP (Antidote 1 '83) w/ PS
Antler Joe And The Accidents — Go Commercial EP (Killer Sheep '80) w/ PS
Art Object — Ride The Metro EP (Constant Motion '80) w/ PS
Aryan Disgrace — Faggot In The Family b/w Teenage S+M (Mystic '83) w/ PS
Authorities — Soundtrack For Trouble EP (Selecta '82) w/ PS
Avengers — We Are The One EP (Dangerhouse '77) w/ crucifix PS

Bad Brains — Pay To Cum b/w Stay Close To Me (Bad Brains '80) w/ PS
Bad Religion — 6 Song EP (Epitaph '81) w/ PS
Bags — Survive b/w Babylonian Gorgon (Dangerhouse '78) w/ PS
Baloneyheads — I'm A Drunk +2 (O-No '80) w/ PS
Beluga And The Human Ashtrays — Mars Needs Women (Howard Peluso '79) w/ PS
Berlin Brats (Brats) — Tropically Hot b/w Psychotic (’76) test press only
Big Boys — Frat Cars EP (Big Boys '80) w/ PS
Big Boys — Industry Standard: Where's My Towel LP (Wasted Talent '81)
Billy Wizard And The Kmart Orchestra — Nazi Love (Wizardo '77) w/ PS
Black & White The Holey Smoke Show — Tasty Is As Tasty Do b/w Super Turkey (Gropnook '76)
Black Flag — Nervous Breakdown EP (SST '78) w/ B+W foldover PS
Black Market Baby — Youth Crimes b/w Potential Suicide (Limp '81) W/ PS
Black Market Baby — Crimes Of Passion (Limp '81) original test press only
Blinders — 10" EP (Blinders '81)
Blowfish — In The New Wave EP (Varulven '77) w/ PS
Boat People — Capitalist (Stamp & Go '83) w/ PS
Bobby Soxx — Learn To Hate b/w Scavenger Of Death (VVV '81) w/ PS
Bodysnatchers — I Want That Girl EP (Wall-O-Sound '78) w/ PS
Bombs — Bombs Live W/ Let's Go To Guyana (Bomb '79) w/ PS
Brain Police — Kind Of A Drag b/w I Let Jenny Ride (Legal) w/ PS
Brats (Berlin Brats) — Tropically Hot b/w Psychotic (’76) test press only
Breakouts — In Vagueness Deal b/w Millirems (Accelerator '79) w/ PS
Breakouts — Waiting For A Change b/w All We Wanna Do (Accelerator '80) w/ PS
Broncs — Tele-K-Killing (Terminal ‘80) w/ PS
Broken Talent — Blood Slut EP (TPOS '84) w/ PS
Buzzarians — Wild Weekend b/w Come On Denise (Boynton '80) w/ PS

Capital Punishment — We Deliver EP (Thumb '77) w/ PS
Cardiac Kidz — Get Out b/w Find Yourself A Way (Lub Dub '79) w/ PS
Cardiac Kidz — Playground EP (Lub Dub '80) w/ PS
Carpets/Conservatives — Kill Hirb Cane w/ handwritten sleeve (’79)
Chain Gang — Son Of Sam b/w (Kapitalist '77) w/ PS
Chain Gang — Son Of Sam b/w (Kapitalist '77) UK issue w/ Mimeographed PS
Chain Gang — My Fly b/w Cannibal Him (Kapitalist '78) w/ PS
Chain Gang — Deuce Pack 2 x 7" (Kapitalist '80) w/ PS
Cheaters — Man As Hunter EP (No Threes '80) w/ PS
Cheifs — Blues EP (Playgems '82) w/ PS
Child Molesters — Hillside Strangler (Ace And Deuce '77) w/ PS
Child Molesters — Wholesale Murder (Ace And Deuce '78) w/ PS
Child Molesters — Wir Leben Die Jugendlich Madschen 12" EP (Ace And Deuce '81)
Chronic Sick — Cutest Band In Hardcore LP (Mutha '83)
Cleveland Confidential compilation LP (Terminal '82)
Cold Cock — I Wanna Be Rich b/w You're A Mess (Idbi '79) w/ PS
Commandos / Crazy Jack And The Automatics — split EP (Beast '79)
Commandos / Performers — split EP (Beast '80) w/ PS
Controllers — Neutron Bomb b/w Killer Queers (What '78) w/ PS
Corpsicles — Big Doings b/w Now You're Going To Leave Me (Arrow '82) w/ PS
Cosmetics — Colors That Scream 10" EP (Doolang '80)
Count Vertigo — I'm A Mutant b/w X-Patriots (Cool '79) w/ PS
Cowboys — Supermarket b/w Teenage Life (Tet Offensive '80) w/ PS
Cracked Actor — Nazi School b/w Judy In Disguise (Death '80) w/ PS
Crap Detectors — Police State b/w Set Program (Real '79) w/ PS
Crap Detectors — Victims Of The Media LP (Real '78)
Crime — Hotwire My Heart b/w Baby You're So Repulsive (Crime '76) w/ PS
Crime — Frustration b/w Murder By Guitar (Crime '77) w/ PS
Cringe — Spit On Your Grave EP (Cringe '81) w/ PS
Critical Mass — Silver Screen (Florida '78)
Crucified — Saint Joan EP (Power ‘77) w/ PS
Cult Heroes — Cosmetic Elation (Too Bad '79) w/ PS
Cult Heroes — Amerikan Story b/w Don't Like It (Maverick '81) w/ PS
Customs — Long Gone b/w She'll Always Be Mine (Shake It '80) w/ PS

Damion Circle & The Luxenboys — Russian Sex b/w Wrap It Up (Dead Ringer 1981)
Glenn Danzig — Who Killed Marilyn b/w Spook City USA (Plan 9) w/ PS
Dark Like A Restaurant — Sight 7in. (VVV '82) w/ PS
DDT — Brave New World EP (Five Minute ’83) w/ PS
Deadbeats — Kill The Hippies +3 (Dangerhouse '78) w/ PS
Death — Keep On Knocking b/w Politicians In My Eyes (Tryangle '76)
Deep 6 — Ghostride EP (ICI—Sanoblast '81) w/ PS
Deep Wound — I Saw It EP (Radiobeat '83) w/ PS
Defex — Psycho Surfer b/w Machine Gun Love (Wacker '79) w/ PS
Defnics — 51% b/w Hello From Berlin (Terminal '81) w/ PS
Degenerates — Fallout (Hit & Run '82) w/ PS
Deprogrammer — 5051 (At Last '81) w/ PS
Deprogrammer — S&M (At Last '79)
Descendents — Ride The Wild b/w (Orca '80) w/ PS
Desendants — Unnational Anthem b/w Facelift (AOM '80) w/ PS
Destry Hampton And The Wolves From Hell — Angel Of Madness (Moxie '78) w/ PS
Detention — Dead Rock 'N Rollers (Rigor Mortis '83) w/ PS
Detention — LP (Rigor Mortis)
Detox — Beer Gods b/w Dino (Monkey Palm '83) w/ PS
Dicks — Hate The Police EP (Radical '80) w/ PS
Dils — I Hate The Rich b/w You're Not Blank (What '77) w/ "Oils" PS
Dils — 198 Seconds (Dangerhouse '78) w/ PS
Dogs — Slash Your Face EP (Detroit '78) w/ PS
Dogs — Rot 'N Roll b/w Teen Slime (Rave Up ‘77) w/ PS
Dogs — John Rock b/w Younger Point Of View (Dynamic '76)
Dot Vaeth Group — White Collar Worker (ESR '78) w/ PS
Dow Jones And The Industrials — Can't Stand The Midwest EP (Hardly '80) w/ PS
Dress Code — Alone In The Crowd EP (Semaphore '81) w/ PS
D.R.I. — Dirty Rotten EP (Dirty Rotten '83) w/ PS
DV8 — Learn To Say Goodbye b/w Guns On The Right (Tough '81) w/ PS

Eat — Communist Radio b/w Catholic Love (Giggling Hitler '79) w/ PS
Eat — God Punishes The Eat EP (Giggling Hitler '80) w/ PS
Eat — Scattered Wahoo Action Cassette (Jeterboy '82)
Ebenezer And The Bludgeons — Peer Pressure EP (Primal Stomp '78) w/ PS
Ed Nasty And The Dopeds — I'm Gonna Be Everything (Sexo '78) w/ PS
Eddie And The Subtitles — Fuck You Eddie (No Label '80) w/ PS
Ejectors — Hydrohead b/w Little Johnny (VVV '81) w/ PS
Electroflex — Into The Night b/w Eighth Avenue (Wolfsschanze '79) w/ PS
Embarrassment — Sex Drive b/w Patio Set (Big Time '80) w/ PS
Endtables — Process Of Elimination EP (Tuesday '79) w/ PS
Enemies — No Reason b/w Secret Agent Man (Enemies '78) w/ stamped sleeve
Epicycle — You're Not Gonna Get It EP (Cirkle '80) w/ PS
Essentials — Fast Music In A Slow Town EP (Safety Net '82) w/ PS
Executives — Jet Set EP (Radioactive '80) w/ PS
Exit — Who Asked You b/w Out In The Street (City Rock '79) w/ PS

F — You Are An EP 12" (Own Label '82)
Faith — Subject To Change LP (Dischord '83) clear vinyl
Fastbacks — It's Your Birthday b/w You Can't Be Happy (No Threes '81) w/ PS
Fear — I Love Livin’ In The City b/w Now Your Dead (Criminal '78) w/ PS
Features — Floozie Of The Neighborhood (Paradox '79) w/ PS
Feederz — Jesus EP (Anxiety '81) w/ "Rat" PS
Feederz — Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? LP (Flaming Banker '83)
5051 — El Salvador EP (Biased '82) w/ PS
Fingers — Isolation EP (Paradox '77)
Five — Napalm Beach b/w Excite Me (Five '81) w/ PS
Five — Act Of Contrition EP (Public '81) w/ PS
Fix — Vengeance b/w In This Town (Touch And Go '80) w/ PS
Fix — Jan's Rooms EP (Touch And Go '81) w/ PS
Flesheaters — Disintegration Nation EP (Upsetter '78) w/ PS, white labels
Frantix — Face Reality EP (Local Anesthetic '82) w/ PS
Frantix — My Dad's A Fucking Alcoholic EP (Local Anesthetic '83) w/ PS
Freestone — Church b/w Bummer Bitch (Akhashic '78) w/ PS
Freeze — I Hate Tourists (Rebel '80) w/ PS
Funeral — Waiting For The Bomb Blast EP (Peace Is Shit '81) w/ PS

Game Theory — Blaze Of Glory Lp (Rational '82) w/ garbage bag
Gears — Let's Go To The Beach EP (Four Speed '79) w/ PS
Gears — Rockin’ At Ground Zero LP (Playgems '80) w/ silkscreened cover
Genral Foodz — Be So Funny b/w Love Potion #9 (Destiny '80) w/ PS
Germs — Forming b/w Live (What '77) w/ PS
Germs — Lexicon Devil EP (Slash '78) w/ PS
Scott Gildersleeve — Song For Brooke b/w Best Kiss (Own Label '81) w/ PS
Matt Gimmick — Detroit Renaissance '79 EP (Earthbound '79) w/ PS
Gizmos — Amerika First EP (Gulcher) w/ PS
Godhead — New Lottery EP (Bemisbrain '82) w/ PS
Government Issue — Legless Bull EP (Dischord '81) w/ PS
Grackles — Who Needs Wildlife Anyway EP (Kacklin' Granny 1979)
Grim/Klone Band — No Excuse EP (Disposable '78) w/ PS
Ground Zero — EP (’79) w/ "gas mask" PS
Gynecologists — Feces And Psychopaths EP (Vomit '81) w/ PS

Hammer Damage — Automatic Lips b/w Laugh (Broken '78) w/ PS
Hand Grenades — Demo To London b/w Coma Dos ('80) w/ PS
Happy Eggs — Wake Up EP (Ovo '81) w/ PS
Happy Squid sampler EP (Happy Squid '80) w/ PS
Haskels — Taking The City By Storm EP (Milwaukee Hits '80) w/ PS
Hated — Seize The Middle East b/w Innocent People (Stress '81) w/ PS
Hated — Pressure b/w Stereotyped (Stress '82) w/ PS
Hated — 4 Song EP (Stress) w/ PS
Hates — So What? EP (Faceless '81) w/ PS
Headaches — Power For Passion b/w Teenage Sex (Headaches '81) w/ PS
Heart Attack — God Is Dead +2 (Damaged Goods '81) w/ PS
Helen Keller — Surfin' With Steve and E.D. Amin b/w Dump On The Chumps (Blitz '78)
Hollywood Squares — Hillside Strangler (Square '78) w/ printed sleeve
Hugh Beaumont Experience — The Cone Johnson EP (Cygnus '81) w/ PS
Hugh Beaumont Experience — Virgin Killers Cassette
Huns — Busy Kids b/w Glad He's Dead (God '79) w/ PS
Husker Du — In A Free Land +2 (New Alliance '80) w/ PS
Husker Du — Statues b/w Amusement (Reflex '80) w/ PS

Ice 9 — Out Out Out EP (Cool) w/ PS
Identity Crisis — Pretty Feet EP (Cirkle '81) w/ PS
(Impatient) Youth — Definition Empty EP (Impatient Youth) w/ PS
Inanimate Objects — Intelicide EP (Freeway '82) w/ PS
Infidels — Anybody's Girl b/w Society's Casualty (Infidels '78) w/ PS
Injections — Prison Walls b/w Lies (Radioactive) w/ PS
Inserts — Doctors Wives EP (Classified '81) w/ PS
Insults — Stiff Love EP (Sick Sound '79) w/ PS
Insults — Population Zero b/w Zombie Lover (Ric Mar '79) w/ PS
Iron Cross — Skinhead Glory EP (Skinflint / Dischord '82) w/ PS
Iron Cross — Hated And Proud EP (Skinflint '83) w/ PS
Ism — Attack b/w Queen Jap (S.I.N. '80) w/ PS
Ism — I Think I Love You b/w A7 (S.I.N. '83) w/ PS

Jack Tragic — I Kill Hippies (Lowlife '83) w/ PS
Jackie Shark And The Beach Butchers — 2nd Generation Rising (Snotty Nose '78)
Jet Boys — I Don't Want To (New Age '81) w/ PS
Jetsons — Suicidal Tendencies EP (Gulcher '81) w/ PS
John Vomit And The Leather Scabs — Punk Rock Star b/w I Suck (Emesis '78) w/ PS
Joneses — Jonestown b/w Criminals In My Car (Joneses '82) w/ PS
JT IV — Destructo Rock EP (Rock and Roll '80)
JT IV — Waiting For The CTA EP (Rock and Roll '80)
Junior Executives — Capital Gains Tax Increase Blues (Physiocrat '79) w/ PS

Kaos — Product Of A Sick Mind EP (What '80) w/ PS
Killer Bees — Buzz 'N The Town EP (Limp '79) w/ PS
Klan — Pushin Too Hard b/w Cover Girls (Poshboy '80)
Knots — Heartbreaker b/w Action (Ideal '80) w/ PS
Koro — 700 Club EP (’83 — NR15035) w/ PS
Kraut — Kill For Cash EP (Cabbage '81) w/ PS
Kraut — Unemployed EP (Cabbage '82) w/ PS
K.T.H. (Kill The Hostages) — Skull Bossing (Puhko ‘80) w/ handmade sleeve

La Peste — Better Off Dead B/W Black (Black '78) w/ PS
Jimi Lalumia And The Psychotic Frogs — Death To Disco (Death ‘77) w/ PS
Jimi Lalumia And The Psychotic Frogs — Typically Tasteless EP (Death ) w/ PS
Jimi Lalumia — Loser b/w Palisades Park (Beatbad ’81)
Last — She Don't Know Why I'm Here (Backlash '78) w/ PS
Last — Every Summer's Day (Backlash '78) w/ PS
Latin Dogs — Warning! EP (Geek '82) w/ PS
Law — King Size Cigarette EP (Fly-Girl '80) w/ PS
Legionaires Disease — Rather See You Dead (Disease Unlimited ‘79) w/ PS
Lepers — Light Up A Pack EP (Drome '79) w/ PS
Lethal Yellow — Declaration Of Retardation EP (TPOS / Stench '83) w/ PS
Lewd — Kill Yourself EP (Scratched '78) w/ PS
Lizerds — Is It Late? (Demos Tones '81)
Los Reactors — Dead In The Suburbs EP (Cynykyl '80) w/ PS
Los Reactors — Be A Zombie b/w Laboratory Baby (Cynykyl '80) w/ PS
Lost Generation — Never Work +3 (Incas '82) w/ PS
Lubricants — Activated Energy b/w Transformation Vacation (Relative '80) w/ PS
Luchs Brothers — Kill Me I'm Rotten (Retread '78) w/ PS
Lucky Pierre — Communique (Unadulterated '84)

Mad — Eyeball b/w I Hate Music (Disgusting '78) w/ PS
Mad — Fried Egg EP (Disgusting '79) w/ PS
Maggots — Let's Get Tammy Wynette EP (Wiggle Teens '80) w/ PS
Maids — Back To Bataan b/w I Do I Do (Anemic '79) w/ PS
Man Tit — Man Tit b/w Pussy Pussy Remember Me (Dunlap '81) w/ PS
Manic Depressives — Silence On The Radio EP (Vinyl Solution '82) w/ PS
Manikenz — I Don't Want Romance EP (Manikenz '82) w/ PS
Marbles — Fire And Smoke b/w Red Lights (Ork '76) w/ PS
Maroons — No Condition b/w Out Tonight (Ultra '80) w/ PS
Mary Monday & The Bitches — Pop Gun (Malicious '77) w/ PS
Matchheads — Cadillac +2 (Artiste '81) w/ heavy gloss photo paper PS
Matt Gimmick — Detroit Renaissance '79 EP (Earthbound '79) w/ PS
Max Load — X-Rod b/w Magazine Sex (198x '80) w/ PS
Meatmen — Blood Sausage EP (Touch & Go '82) w/ PS
Meaty Buys — Cut A Fart 45 (Disturbing '79) w/ PS
Men In Black — S&M Bar b/w The Gypsy (Lectric Eye '79) w/ PS
Mentally Ill — Gacy's Place EP (Autistic '79) w/ PS
Mentally Ill — Soldier 19 b/w American Dream (Autistic '82) w/ PS
Mentally Ill — metal can w/ cassette, T—Shirt, etc.
Kris Methe And The Mistakes — Autopsy EP (Bombay '82) w/ PS
Lou Miami And The Kozmetik — Fascist Lover (Final Vinyl '82) w/ PS, plastic bag
Middle Class — Out Of Vogue EP (Joke '78) w/ PS
Middle Class — Scavenged Luxury EP (Torture Garden '80) w/ PS
Alan Milman Sect — Teen Tour EP (Britz '77) w/ PS
Minor Threat — Filler EP (Dischord '80) w/ red PS
Minor Threat — In My Eyes EP (Dischord ’81) red vinyl
Minor Threat — Out Of Step LP (test press w/ silkscreen cover)
Misfits — Cough Cool b/w She (Blank '77) w/ PS
Misfits — Horror Business EP (Plan 9) w/ PS
Misfits — Night Of The Living Dead EP (Plan 9) w/ PS
Misfits — Halloween b/w Halloween II (Plan 9) w/ PS
Misfits — Evil Live EP (Plan 9) w/ PS
Misfits — Bullet EP (Plan 9) w/ PS
Misfits — Beware 12in. (Cherry Red)
Misfits (Tragics) — Mommi, I’m A Misfit EP (Black & White '81) w/ PS
Modern Physics — Activated Energy b/w Transformation Vacation (Relative '80) w/ PS
Modern Warfare — Delivered EP (Bemisbrain '80) w/ PS
Modern Warfare — Nothing Left EP (Bemisbrain '81) w/ PS
Molls — White Stains b/w Is Chesty Dead? ('78) w/ PS
Monitors — Trouble b/w Rip Your Dress (Boo Wit '81) w/ PS
Moral Majority Dance Band — There's A Little Bit Of Nazi EP (Deadfish '83) w/ PS
Mourning Noise — Dawn Of The Dead EP (Nightlache '82) w/ PS
Muscle Beach — Let's Get Dumb b/w Me Generation (Dumb '80) w/ PS

Naked Raygun — Flammable Solid EP (Ruthless '83) w/ PS
Nasty Facts — Drive My Car EP (Jimboco '81) w/ PS
Neck Tie Party — Stranger Still EP (Little Boris 1981) w/ PS
Necros — Sex Drive EP (Touch & Go '81) w/ PS
Necros — IQ 32 EP (Touch & Go / Dischord '81) w/ skate park PS
Negative Approach — Can't Tell No One EP (Touch & Go '81) w/ PS
Negative Approach — Can't Tell No One EP (Touch & Go '81) rejected test pressing
Negative Trend — Mercenaries EP (Heavy Manners '78) w/ PS
Nervebreakers — Politics EP (Wild Child '78) w/ PS
Nervous Eaters — Loretta b/w Rock With Me (Rat '76) w/ hard PS
Nervous Eaters — Just Head b/w Get Stuffed (Rat '79) w/ PS
New Math — Die Trying (Record Archive '80) w/ PS
New York Niggers — Headliner b/w Just Like Dresden (NYN '80)
New York Ravers — EP (Stark Raving Mod 1981)
News — Spread The News 45 (News '78) w/ PS
Next — Make It Quick EP (Sharp '79) w/ PS
Next — Kick Ass EP (Sharp '80) w/ PS
Nihilistics — After Death EP (Visionary '82) w/ PS
NNB — Slack b/w New World (Wave Seven '78) w/ PS
NNB — Well Oh Well (No Mag Flexidisc '79)
Noise — Let's Have Some Fun (Wilson '78) w/ stamped sleeve
Non Compos Mentis (NCM) — Ultimate Orgasm (VVV '80) w/ PS, B+W Labels
Normals — Almost Ready b/w Hardcore (Lectric Eye '80) w/ PS
Nothing — Scream 'N Cry b/w Uniformz (Wideawake '79)
Now — I'm Eating Off A Fashion Plate (Out Of Print '78) w/ PS
Nubs — Job b/w Little Billy's Burning (Businessman '80) w/ PS
Nubs — I Don't Need You b/w Dogs (NCS '79)
Nuns — Savage EP (415 '78) w/ PS
Nuns — The Beat b/w Media Control (Rosco '79) w/ PS
Nuns — World War III b/w Cock In My Pocket (Rosco '80) w/ stamped sleeve

Offenders — Lost Causes (Suffering Sounds '80) w/ PS
Ones — Short Dress b/w Tightrope (Blue Ribbon '79) w/ PS
Opus — The Atrocity b/w Good Procedures (Catatonic '79) w/ PS
O. Rex — My Head's In '73 (Oral ’76)
Outlets / Boy's Life — Split 7" (Modern Method '81) w/ PS

Pagans — Six And Change (Neck '77)
Pagans — Street Where Nobody Lives (Drome '78) w/ PS
Pagans — Not Now No Way (Drome '78) w/ PS
Pagans — Dead End America (Drome '79) w/ PS
Pagans — Live LP (Terminal '83)
Panics — I Wanna Kill My Mom +2 (Gulcher '80) w/ PS
Panics — Little Red Book b/w Kill It (Superdisc '79) w/ PS
Panics — Test Test b/w I'm A Fan (Superdisc '80) w/ PS
Patriots — Land Of The Free EP (Another Lousy '83) w/ PS
Peer Pressure — Sound Of The 80s EP (Resistance '80)
Penetrators — Gotta Have Her (Fred '79) w/ PS
Pere Ubu — 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (Hearthan '75) w/ PS
Pere Ubu — Final Solution (Hearthan '76) w/ PS
Pere Ubu — Street Waves (Hearthan '76) w/ PS
Plain Jane And The Jokes — The Joke's On You LP (Sick Sound '80)
Plastic Idols — I.U.D. b/w Sophistication (Vision '79) w/ PS
Plastic Idols — Einstein Experience EP (Vision '80) w/ PS
Plugz — Move EP (Slash '78) w/ PS
Poodle Boys — What Can I Do EP (Gustav '80) w/ PS
Press — Jimmy b/w Disco Sucks + Hacker (Etc. '79)
Principles — Down On My Love b/w USA 423 (1980)
Process Of Elimination compilation EP (Touch & Go) w/ PS
Public Disturbance — S&M (Mutha '83) w/ PS

Queers — Love Me EP (Doheny '82) w/ handwritten sleeve
Queers — Kicked Out Of The Webelos EP (Doheny '84)

Ralphs — Teddy Boy b/w Mutating Man (VVV '80) w/ PS
Ralphs — Neurotic b/w Hairless Creature of Love (VVV '82) test press only
Randoms — ABCD (Dangerhouse '77) w/ PS
Randys — Appealing To The Masses EP (Cynykyl '80) w/ PS
Razer — Another Kind Of Man (Snap Crackle & Rock '77) w/ PS
Reactions — Official Release EP (Reaction '80) w/ PS
Reactions — Love You EP (Reaction '81) w/ PS
Reactors — I Want Sex b/w Seduction Center (Meltdown '79) w/ PS
Reactors — Meltdown EP (Nuclear Waste '79) w/ PS
Really Red — Crowd Control b/w Corporate Setting (CIA '79)
Really Red — Modern Needs b/w White Lies (CIA '80) w/ PS
Really Red — Despise Moral Majority EP (CIA '80) w/ PS
Really Red — New Strings For Old Puppets EP (CIA '82) w/ PS
Recipients — Lunatic b/w Constitution (PR '81) w/ PS
Red Rockers — Guns Of Revolution EP (Vinyl Solution '80) w/ PS
Red Squares — Modern Roll b/w Time Change (Nanxiety '81) w/ PS
Regular Joes — Flying Butterfly b/w She Don't Drink (Prospect Hill '83) w/ PS
Reign Of Terror — Don't Blame Me b/w Big Things (R.O.T. '83) w/ PS
Rejects — Back To School EP (Closet '80) w/ PS
Mike Rep And The Quotas — Rocket To Nowhere (Moxie '75) w/ PS
Reruns — Since You Gotta Cheat (Spider '78) w/ PS
RF7 — Acts Of Defiance (Smoke Seven ’80) w/ PS
Rhino 39 — Xerox b/w No Compromise (Dangerhouse '79) w/ PS
Roach Motel — Roach And Roll EP (Destroy '82) w/ PS
Roach Motel — What The Hell, It's Roach Motel EP (Destroy '84) w/ PS
Rock Bottom And The Spys — Rich Girl EP (Bottom's Up '81)
Rotters — Sit On My Face Stevie Nix (Rotten '80) w/ PS
Rotters — Sink The Whales (Rotten ’79) w/ PS
RPA — Shoot The Pope b/w Bonecrusher (RPA '81) w/ PS

Sado Nation — I'm Trouble EP (Trap '80) w/ PS
Saigon — Annihilation EP (WW III '81) w/ PS
Salvation Army — Mind Gardens (New Alliance '81) w/ PS
Saucers — What We Do EP (Saucers / Orange '79) w/ PS
Savage Beliefs — The Moral Efficiency Of Savage Beliefs EP (Wasteland '83) w/ PS
Savage Circle — Kill Yourself EP (Savage Circle '82) w/ PS
Scarecrows — No Dust in the Corner / Too Late Blues b/w
                Joe's Problem / Bellboy EP (Special Edition 1982)
Schematix — Jagged Edge EP (Subliminal '80) w/ PS
Schwump — Aphids In The Hall EP (Ralph '76) w/ PS
Scientific Americans — Beyond Rational Thought EP (Tekno Tunes '80) w/ PS
Scooter And The Worms — Strap-On Chili Dog EP (Sms '81) w/ PS
Scream — Gov't Primer EP (Immoral Nuts '82) w/ PS
Screamin' Mee Mees — Live From The Basement EP (Dog Face '77) w/ PS
Screaming Urge — Homework b/w Runaway (New Age '80) w/ PS
Secret Savior — First Love b/w Something's Missing (1980) w/ PS
Seizure — Cuties Wrong Now b/w Front Line (Regressive '78)
Sex — Correlation Coefficient b/w Ican Sing (Index '78) w/ PS
Sheer Smegma (Teddy & Frat Girls) — Audio Suicide EP (Fartfaced Decadence '80) w/ PS
Sheiks Of Shake — Bullets In My Gun (Mystic '79) w/ PS
Shell Shock — Your Way EP (Vinyl Solution ’81) w/ PS
Shirkers — Drunk And Disorderly b/w Suicide (Limp '78) w/ PS
Shitdogs — Present The History Of Cheese EP (Pangolin '80) w/ PS
Shivvers — Teen Line b/w When I As Younger (Fliptop '80) w/ PS
Shock — This Generation's On Vacation EP2 (Impact '78) w/ PS
Shrapnel — Combat Love b/w Hey (Salute '79) w/ PS
Shrapnel — Go Cruisin' b/w Way Out World (Salute '81) w/ PS
Sick And The Lame — Ate Days A Week (Rude '78)
Silly Killers — Not That Time Again EP (No Threes '82) w/ PS
Silver Abuse — Fall From Grace EP (Schwa '82) w/ PS
Silver Chalice — Wasted b/w Hot Tears (Final Gear) w/ PS
Simpletones — California b/w I Like Drugs (Poshboy '79) w/ PS
Simpletones — Cardboard Crotch b/w I Like Drugs (Poshboy ’79) test press only
Sin 34 — Die Laughing EP (Spinhead '82) w/ PS
Sinatras — Teddy Crashes Blonde Dies (Congressional '79) w/ PS
Sins — Mood Music EP (Black Noise '82) w/ PS
Sister Ray — Coming To Terms EP (Sad '85) w/ PS
Skinnies — Kill The Beat 45 (Lectric Eye '78) w/ PS
Skunks — Can't Get Loose (Skunks '79) w/ PS
Skunks — Cheap Girl double 45 (Skunks '79) w/ PS
Skunks — Skunks LP (Rude '80)
Sleepers — Seventh World +4 (Win '78) w/ PS
Slugs — Problem Child double 45 (Whiplash '79) w/ PS
S'nots — No Pictures Necessary EP (Edge City '77) w/ PS
Snuky Tate — Who Cares? EP (Blackmouth '79) w/ PS
S.O.A. — No Policy EP (Dischord '81) green vinyl w/ PS
Social Distortion — 1945 EP (13th Floor '82) w/ PS
Social Distortion — Another State Of Mind (13th Floor '83) w/ PS
Social Unrest — Making Room For Youth EP (Infra Red '81) w/ PS
Solger — I Hate It EP (Solger '81) w/ PS
Sonic's Rendezvous Band — City Slang (Orchide '78) w/ PS
Spiny Norman's Mind Games — Sorry About That Chief (1981) w/ PS
Stains — John Wayne Was A Nazi (Radical '81) w/ color PS
Stains — Feel Guilty +2 (Gutterworst '80) w/ PS
Standbys — EP (World '80) w/ PS
Start — No Direction b/w Invisible Man (Win '81) w/ PS
Stimulators — Loud Fast Rules (own ’79) w/ PS
Stimulators — M.A.C.H.I.N.E. (R.O.I.R. ‘82) w/ PS
Stiphnoyds — Afraid Of The Russians EP (Trap '80) w/ PS
Stisism — Introducing EP (Mutha '84) w/ PS
Strike Under — Immediate Action 12" (Wax Trax '81) w/ silkscreen sleeve
Strychnine — Jack The Ripper (Music Adventures '78) w/ PS
Subverts — Independent Study EP (Clandestine '81) w/ PS
Sudden Fun — Sudden Fun EP (Not On Beserkley '79) w/ PS
Suspect Device — The Image Has Cracked (Creative Affairs '82) w/ PS

Tapeworm — Break My Face EP (Hermaphrodite '78)
Tazers — Don't Classify Me EP (own ’82) w/ PS
Teen Idles — Minor Disturbance EP (Dischord '81) w/ PS
Teenage PhD's — Eat The Poor EP (Erectile '80) w/ PS
Teenage Popeye — Modern Problems EP (Alien Nation '81) w/ PS
Telefones — She's In Love With The Rolling Stones (VVV '80) w/ PS
Terminal Mind — I Want To Die Young + 3 (No Records '80) w/ PS
Times — Atomic Blonde (VHF ’79) w/ PS
Tot Rocket And The Twins — Eviction EP (Trace Elements '80) w/ PS
Tot Rocket And The Twins — Reduced (Trace Elements '80) w/ PS
Tot Rocket And The Twins — Security Risk EP (Trace Elements '81) w/ PS
Toxic Reasons — War Hero B/W Somebody Help Me (Banit '80) w/ PS
Toxic Reasons — Ghost Town +2 (Risky '81) w/ PS
Toxin III — I Rock I Ran EP (Vinyl Solution '82) w/ PS
Tracers — My My Girl b/w Itchy Bugs (Seltone '79) w/ PS
Tracks — Brakes On You b/w Bombs Away (Blue Door '77) w/ PS
Tragics — Mommi I'm A Misfit EP (Black And White '80) w/ PS
Trend — Electric Chair b/w Band Aid (Own '81) w/ PS
Mark Truth And The Liars — Prisoners Of Time (Hopkins '81) w/ PS
Turnbuckles — Super Destroyer Mark II (Break'er '80) w/ PS
2x4s — Bridgeport Lathe b/w Little Cities (Bessemer Process '80) w/ PS
Tyrants — Hard To Get b/w Attitude (Miller Management '81) w/ PS

U-Boats — Government Rip Off b/w Break Out Tonight (Crow '82) w/ PS
U-Boats — Dead And Desperate EP (Crow '83) w/ PS
Underwear Heads — Tangmania EP (C&P) pic sleeve only?
Unnatural Axe — They Saved Hitler's Brain EP (Varulven '78) w/ PS
Urinals — Dead Flowers EP (Happy Squid '78) w/ PS
Urinals — Another EP (Happy Squid '79) w/ PS
Urinals — Sex b/w Go Away Girl (Happy Squid '80) w/ PS
U.S. Mods — I'm Gone b/w Government (Treblephone '80) w/ PS

Vains — You Cannot Deny Terror EP (No Threes '80) w/ PS
Vamps — Formula X b/w Used To Be Cool (Beehive '79)
Vamps — double 45 (Beehive '80) w/ PS
Vast Majority — I Wanna Be A Number EP (Wild Dog '80) w/ PS
Vectors — Death To Disco (Chateau East '80) w/ PS
Vertical Slit — Urban Imprint (own ’79) w/ PS
Vertical Slit — Slit and Pre-Slit LP (own ’77)
Vertical Slit — 1978 Art Data Sampler (own ’79) w/ PS
Victims — Annette +3 EP (Plan 9 '78) w/ PS
Village Pistols — Big Money (Nylon '81) w/ PS
Violators — N.Y. Ripper b/w My Country (Syringe '80)
VKTMS — Midget EP (Emergency Room '78) w/ PS
Vom — Live At Surf City EP (White Noise '78) w/ PS
V.P.'s (Vomit Pigs) — Take One EP (Bad Wreckors '78) w/ PS
Voodoo Idols — Do The Kirk +2 (Vee Dee '82) w/ PS
Voodoo Idols — We Dig Nixon b/w Dead Air (Vee Dee '82) w/ PS
Vores — Love Canal EP (Family Only '78) w/ PS
Vox Pop — Just Like Your Mom b/w Cab Driver (Bad Trip '80)

Wayward Youth — Do You Wanna (Vinyl Solution '79) w/ PS
Weirdos — We Got The Neutron Bomb (Dangerhouse '77) w/ PS
What Records Sampler compilation EP (What '78) w/ blue paper sleeve
Wipers — Better Off Dead +2 (Trap '78) w/ PS
Wreck 'N Crew — Give 'Em A Fight b/w Radioactive Love (Raw '80) w/ PS
Wuffy Dogs — 45 Mini Album (Beerhall Putsch '83) w/ PS

X — Adult Books b/w We're Desperate (Dangerhouse '78) w/ PS
X-X — A b/w You’re Full Of Shit (Drome '79) w/ PS
Xterminators — Microwave Radiation b/w Occasional Lay (Radioactive '80)

Youth Brigade — Possible EP (Dischord '81) w/ PS

Zero Boys — Livin In The 80's EP (Z-Disc '81) w/ PS

Babeez — Dowanna Love EP (MA7191 '78) w/ PS
Black Chrome — Australia's God (Tomorrow '78) w/ PS
Bodysnatchers — Frantic (Shake '81) w/ PS
Celibate Rifles — But Jacques The Fish EP (EMI Custom '82) w/ B+W PS
Chosen Few — The Joke's On Us EP (Chosen Few '78) w/ PS
Johnny Demon & The Devils — Shut Your Mouth (EMI Custom '80)
Fun Things — When The Birdmen Fly +3 (PRS '80) w/ PS
Just Urbain — Burning EP (Shake ’79) w/ PS
Just Urbain — Everybody Loves Just Urbain EP (Shake ‘80) w/ silkscreened PS
Johnny Kannis — Under The Boardwalk (RCA '78) w/ company PS
Kicks — Leather Godzilla cassette (Shake '80)
Last Words — Animal World (Remand '78)
Leftovers — Cigarettes And Alcohol EP (PRS ‘79) w/ stamped sleeve
Leftovers — Killing Time (Leftovers '80) w/ PS
Lipstick Killers — Hindu Gods Of Love (Lost In Space '79) w/ PS
Manikins — I Never Thought I'd Meet Someone So Kind (SMX '78) w/ PS
Manikins — Premonition (SMX '79) w/ PS
Manikins — Love At Second Sight EP (SMX '80) w/ PS
News — Dirty Lies b/w Chop Chop Chop (News '78) w/ silkscreen PS
News — Dirty Secrets EP w/ flexi (News '79) w/ PS
Noise — Think About Tomorrow EP (Think '81) w/ PS
Numbers — Government Boy EP (Local Label '79) w/ PS
Proles — Police (own ’80) w/ printed sleeve
Psychosurgeons — Wild Weekend (Wallaby Beat '78) w/ blood sleeve
Public Execution — Methadone Slave (Sundown '82) w/ PS
Quick And The Dead — Another Violent Night EP (Another Violent Record '81) w/ PS
Quintrex Bop — Effigies EP (EMI Custom '80) w/ PS
Radio Birdman — Burn My Eye EP (Trafalgar '76) w/ PS
Razar — Stamp Out Disco (Able '78) w/ PS
Rejex — Niagara Baby (Doublethink '79) w/ PS
Rockets — Mean Mistress (White Rider '80) w/ PS
Rocks — You'r So Boring EP (Point Blank '78) w/ PS
Saints — I'm Stranded b/w No Time (Fatal ‘77)
Scientists — Frantic Romantic (SMX '79) w/ PS
Scientists — Last Night EP (White Rider '80) w/ PS
Scientists — Scientists LP (Easter)
Screaming Tribesmen — I Don't Wanna Know EP (EMI Custom '82) w/ PS
Section Urbane — Final Program (Shake '83) w/ insert PS
Seems Twice — Non—Plussed EP (Doublethink '80) w/ PS
Sick Things — Committed To Suicide (Max Cassette '85) w/ PS
Singles — Someone That I Know (Basilisk '80) w/ PS
Skunks — Scratch 'N Sniff EP (Rrcs '82) w/ PS
Slugfuckers — Instant Classic 45 (PRS—2678 '79) w/ PS
SPK — Mekano EP (SPK '79) w/ PS
Sputniks — Our Boys (Sputniks '79)
Suicide Squad — I Hate School (Doublethink '79) w/ PS
Sunnyboys — EP (Phantom '80) w/ PS
Sunnyboys — JJ Live At The Rocks Fanclub EP (Mushroom '81) w/ PS
Sunnyboys — Happy Man Cassette EP (Mushroom '81) w/ paper box
Thought Criminals — Hilton Bomber EP (Doublethink '78) w/ PS
Thought Criminals — Food For Thoughtcrimes EP (Doublethink '79) w/ PS
Trans 262 — EP (EMI Custom '81) w/ PS
Upsets — Back To Afghanistan (EMI Custom '80)
Vacant Lot — Living Underground EP (Doublethink '81) w/ PS
Victims — Television Addict (SMX46814 '77) w/ PS, photo inserts
Victims — No Thanks To The Human Turd EP (own ‘78) w/ hand-colored PS
Henry Vynhal — Wake Up Tania (The Corporate Label '78)
World War XXIV — Azaria b/w Y Bother (Eyebrow '83) w/ PS
Wrong Kind Of Stoneage — Flying Low To Batavia EP (own ’84)
X — I Don't Wanna Go Out b/w Waiting (X Music '79)
XL Capris — My City Of Sydney b/w Dead Budgies (Axle '80) w/ stamped sleeve
Young Identities — Positive Thinking EP (Shake '79) w/ PS
Young Identities — New Trends EP (Shake '80) w/ PS
Z-Cars — This Is Z Cars 45 (Au-Go-Go '80) w/ PS


Böslinge (Die) - Scheiss Kibarei/Odarn Aufschneiden/Blede Leut (- 0119268) 1981
Dirt Shit - Rattenloch EP (Ratt 01) 1979
Pöbel - Es lebe hoch die Perversion + 2 (Panza-Platte 001) 1981

Cell 609 - Factories/Re-Pulsion (Stuff/JWS 45791) [1978]
Chainsaw - See-Saw EP (Romantik 1) 1977
P.I.G.Z. 12" Bloody Belgium/Stooges/Shall I (JWS 45782) [1978]

Inocentes - Miséria e fome EP (ISD-001) 1983
Lixomania - Violência & sobrevivência + 5 (CD-001) [1981]
Olho Seco - Botas, fuzis, capacetes + 2 (Punk Rock 002) 1983

Action - T.V.'s On The Blink/Do The Strangle + 2 LP (Montreco 1978)
Active Dog - Rat Race/Good Filthy Fun (Active Dog 1979) w/ PS
Allies - Night In The City/Talkin' About My Girl (E.N.D. 1980) w/ PS
Arson - (Livin with the) White Folks/Coho? Coho! (Motor 1979) w/ PS
Big Black Puppets / Wasted Lives split (Spoken 1979) w/ PS
Braineaters - Braineater/Funtime/Last Date/Rock Rock/Edge (Wrong World 1979) w/ PS
Bureaucrats - Feel The Pain/Grown Up Age (MP 1980) w/ PS
Cardboard Brains - I Want To Be A Yank/Can Stress Kill? + 2 (Brainco 1977) w/ PS
Crash Kills Five - What Do You Do At Night? + 2 (WRC3 1980) w/ PS
Culture Shock - Forever And Ever/Thought You Were A Friend (Big Dummy 1983) w/ PS
Curse - Shoeshine Boy/The Killer Bees (Hi-Fi 1978) w/ PS
Da Slyme 2xLP (Loo Enterprises Inc. 1980)
Dayglo Abortions - Out Of The Womb LP (Sharpe 1981)
Diodes/Curse - Raw/War (Crash & Burn 1977) w/ PS
Discords - NDG/RCMP/Dead Cubans/Kill The Rich (N.D.G 1982) w/ PS
Dishrags - Past Is Past /Love Is Shit/Tormented (Modern 1979) w/ PS
Dishrags - Death In The Family/Beware of Dog/All The Pain (RCA 1980) w/ PS
D.O.A. - Disco Sucks/Nazi Training Camp/Royal Police + 1 (Sudden Death 1978) w/ PS
D.O.A. - The Prisoner/Thirteen (Quintessence 1978 ) w/ PS
D.O.A. - World War 3/Whatcha Gonna Do? (Sudden Death 1979) w/ PS
D.O.A. - Triumph Of The Ignoroids EP (Friends 1979) w/ uncensored jacket
D.O.A. - Something Better Change (Friends 1980)
D.O.A. - Hardcore 81 (Friends 1981)
Dry Heaves - Shoot Yourself/Portable/I Can't Puke (Salem 1981) w/ PS
Fits - Bored of Education /Sailing To Hell/Just Lust (Stage Fright 1979) w/ PS
Forgotten Rebels - Tomorrow Belongs To Us EP (S&M 1979)
Forgotten Rebels - Tell Me You Love Me/Rhona Barrett (Star 1982) w/ PS
Generics - Societal Hemhorrage EP (1983) w/ PS
Genetic Control - First Impressions EP (Generic 1984) w/ PS
Gentlemen of Horror - Rich Kids + 4 EP (GOHS 1980) w/ PS
Government - Hemingway Hated Disco Music (ED 1979) w/ PS
Hot Nasties - The Invasion of the Tribbles EP (Social Blemish 1980) w/ PS
Infamous Scientists - Noise 'N' Rhythm EP (Alandhiscar 1981) w/ PS
K-Tels - Automan/Don't Tell Me/Where Are You? (Quintessence 1979)
Lowlife - Leaders/White Lightning/Thinking Naturally (Airout 1979) w/ PS
Malibu Kens - Be My Barbie EP (Exploding Debut 1981)
Neos - End All Discrimination EP (Alandhiscar 1982) w/ PS
Neos - Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze EP (1982) w/ PS
No Exit LP (1980)
Onits - Weekend Wrestler/Gamma Rays (Vinyl Dream 1981)
Payolas - China Boys/Make Some Noise (Slophouse 1979) w/ PS
Pink Steel - A Taste of Pink Steel EP (Alandhiscar 1981) w/ PS
Pink Steel - Won't Come In Your Hand (Alandhiscar 1981) w/ PS
Platinum Blonde - No Regrets/Hey Hey You (1980) w/ PS
Pointed Sticks - What Do You Want Me To Do? (Quintessence 1978) w/ PS
Pointed Sticks - The Real Thing/Out Of Luck (Quintessence 1979) w/ PS
Pointed Sticks - Lies/I'm Numb (Quintessence 1979 ) w/ PS
Presence - Meeting The Demands of Society Is No Excuse EP (DWM 1981) w/ PS
Private School - Lost In Action EP (Full Friction 1979_ w/ PS
Rage - Išve Got your Number/Stay (Rage 1981)
Reaction - On The Beach/The Kid's Arrived (Neutron 1979) w/ PS
Red Squares - Ottawa Today/Transmitter (Double Helix 1978) w/ PS
Result - Confesses The New Standard EP (A+B=C 1981) w/ PS
Riot .303 - Crowd Control EP (Cardiac 1982) w/ PS
Rock And Roll Bitches - Wild West EP (Rich Young 1980) w/ PS
Rude Norton - Sea Cruise + 4 (Rogelletti 1980) w/ PS
Siggy Magic And The Hey-Ho Band - Commercials For Free EP ( 1978) w/ PS
Silicone Injection - Sic Nos Non Nobis (1981) w/ PS
Sinners - No Brains (Required) + 2 (Rude 1980)
63 Monroe - NFG 12in. (Nordem 1980)
Spys - Underground/Machine Shop (1980) w/ PS
Sturgeons - Punk Rock Virgins/Forward Disorder (Social Blemish 1980) w/ PS
Subhumans - Death To The Sickoids/Oh Canaduh (1978 oRiGiNaL) w/ PS
Subhumans - Firing Squad/No Productivity (Quintessence 1980) w/ PS
Swindled - Who Wants Guns?/Hymn #84 (Swindled 1982) w/ PS
Teenage Head - Picture My Face/Tearin' Me Apart (IGM/Epic 1978) w/ PS
222 - I Love Susan/The First Studio Bomb (Rebel 1978) w/ PS
Viletones - Screaming Fist/Possibilities/I'm A Rebel (Vile 1977) w/ PS
Viletones - Look Back In Anger EP (Razor 1978) w/ PS

Electric Deads - Order/Zig-Zag/Fish In A Pool/Compact Chaos (Electro Static 1) 1982
Electric Deads - Anti-Sex EP (Electro Static 2) 1982
Electric Deads - Mind Bomb EP (Electro Static 3) 1983
Lost Kids - Født som nul /Diskodreng/Hvem slikker hvems (Respons REES 1001) [1978]
Sods - Television Sect/Military Madness (Medley 109) 1979

Brups - Ne takee meistä tähtiä/Ramptoniin (LS 001) [1980] nps
Outo Elämä - Antero/ANC (HT-1) [1980]
Rattus - Khomeini-rock/Muotipunk (Hilipili HIS-01) [1980]
Rattus - Fucking Disco EP (Hilipili LIPEP-001) [1981]
Systeemi - Systeemissäkö vika?!/Punk nuorisoo (JL-3) [1980]
Systeemi - Elintasokakara/Nakkiputka (SSS-2) 1983
Terveet Kädet - Rock laa hausta vastaanEP (Ikbals 003) 1980 one-side 7"
Terveet Kädet - Mull on liian lyhyt sänky + 3 (Ikbals 004) 1981 one-side 7"
Tipi & Ministerit - Verta rakastava nainen/Pillerit/ATK/Sairaalassa (Outo Studio EP1) 1980

Gasoline - Killer Man/Radio Flic (Egg 62 331) 1977
Guilty Razors - Provocate/Hurts And Noises/Don't Wanna Be A Rich (Polydor 2056 705) 1978
Dragons - Anarchy in the U.K. (Blitzkrieg) 1982 + LP

Niveau Null - Schnulze/Rotor/Nazi/Neue Heimat (Heimat 004-0681) [1981]
Pack - Com' On/Nobody Can Tell Us (Vinyl 6.12355) 1978
P.V.C. 2 x LP w/ original spraypaint cover (Good Noise 201-01/02) 1983
TV-War - Berlin West /I Am The Nightmare/Run Baby Run (TV WAR 1/2) 1980

Filth - Don't Hide Your Hate/Sex/Nothing For Me (Plurex 003) 1978
Helmettes - 1/2 2 /I Don't Care What The People Say (No Fun #1/2 2) [1978]
Mort Subite - split 7" EP w/The Spoilers (Friet D.I.Y. R 1) 1980
Neo Punkz - Facist Fuckerz/Green Devil/If I Watch The TV + 2 (Neo 1) 1980
Rondos - split EP w/ Railbirds (King Kong 300379) 1979
Suspense - Murder With The Axe/Crazy Sod/Heroin Child/Welfare (Neo 2) 1981
Vultures - At Home/Looking For A Job/Alcohol/Russian Spy (RCS 1125) [1981]

Fræbbblarnir - False Death/True Death/Summer (K)nights (Limited Edition Take 3) [1979]
Fræbbblarnir - Bjór/Critical Bullshit/No Friends + 1 (Rokk 002) 1981 nps
Purrkur Pillnikk - No Time To Think EP (Gramm 9) [1982]

Hitler SS/Tampax - split 7" EP (Compact Cassette W77) 1979
Ice and the Iced - Rock 'n' Roll/Polyschyzphrenya + 2 (Trux 0481/Idea 1001) 1981
Mittageisen - Hard Core/Transylvania 1760 (Sadist M 045-1) 1979
Rancid X — Intoxication b/w Hard Knee (Italy) w/ PS

Friction - Crazy Dream/Kagayaki/Big-S (Pass 1003) 1979
Friction - Live '79 10in.
Mirrors - Shogeki-X/Mirrors (Gozira GZ555) [1978]
Tsunematsu Masatoshi - Do You Wanna Be My Doggg!? (Gozira 444) 1978

Dangerous Rhythm - Electroshock 12in. (Young Rockers 1980)
Dangerous Rhythm - No No No (Orfeon 1979)
Size - Tonight b/w Daily Matrix (Young Rockers 1980)

Nocturnal Projections - Things That Go Bunt In The Night cassette (Emission) 1981
Proud Scum/Terrorways - split 7in. (Ripper 1) 1980
Spelling Mistakes - Feels So Good (Propeller 2) 1980
Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night, Stay At Home/45 Single (Vertigo 6036 924) 1978

Akutt Innleggelse - Echos From The Asylum EP (Straitjacket 001) 1983
Anakonda - Clever London Houses/Leie à gymnasè (Rass AKS 001) 1980
Noregs Punklag - Du er eit svin/Jeg sitter bare her og kjeder meg (P.S. EN) [1978]

Aqui D'el Rock - Ha que violentar o sistema/Quero tudo (Metro-Som 118-S) 1978
Aqui D'el Rock - Eu nao sei, Bis-eu nao sei /Dedicada (Metro-Som 121-S) 1979

Wild Youth - Wot 'Bout Me?/Radio Youth (WY1) [1978]

Familia Real - Destruye/Depresion (Canary AE-2023) 1982
Punkrockers (Los) - Los Exitos de Sex Pistols LP (Dial Discos/Nevada ND-1276) 1978
Vulpess - Me gusta ser una zorra/Inkisicion (Dos Rombos 002) 1983

Bad Boo Band - Knulla i Bangkok/Bad Production (GB 7210) [1980] nps
57 Kez - Punks/Min musik/Herr Sämhalle (Rock Slaget ROSLA 1) 1980
Kessler Jugend G.m.b.H. - Schoot 'zem/Vistrohajre (Golden Shower KJ 1) [1983]
Kriminella Gitarrer - Vårdad klädsel/Förbjudna ljud (Kloaak 001) 1978
P.F. Commando - Svenne Pop/Raggare/Suburban Kid (Comm PF-1) 1978
Spy - Så år ditt liv/Spritens makt/Já måste gå (Hummer 1) 1980
TST - Väktarnas värld/I'm Looking At You /Innocent/V-ås punx (TST 001) 1981
Tuppjukk - Jag vill må bra/Kåt katt i mars (EFMD CTR 481) 1980
Vicious Visions - I Beat You/No No's (NM-001) [1983]

Dieter Meier - Cry For Fame/The Hook (Periphery Perfume 00178) 1978
Fresh Color - The Source/No Chance (Periphery Perfume 00278) 1978
Manisch Depressiv - Gott ist tot (I)/Würde Würde Würde sein + 7 (Soilant S-1983) 1983
Nasal Boys - Hot Love/Die Wüste Lebt (Periphery Perfume 00177) 1977
Rebels - Artificial Insemination EP (Musk Project MP7777/8) 1979
Sozz - Law & Order/All The Cops In The Streets (Farmer P-117-2) 1980
Sperma - Züri Punx/Bombs (Another Swiss Label 1979) 1979
TNT - Züri Brännt/131/Subwayscene (Voxpop 3007) 1979

Paraf - Rijeka/Moj zivot je novi val (RTVL SD 0226) [1979]
Pekinska Patka - Bila je tako lijepa/Buba-Rumba (Jugoton SY 23756) 1980
Prljavo Kazaliste - Moj je otac bio u ratu/noc (Suzy 1212) 1979


I'll pay top dollar for original gig fliers from the early Los Angeles scene. Bands of particular interest include: Germs, Screamers, Weirdos, Black Randy and any Dangerhouse label band. I'm also after early fanzines, L.A. based ones in particular: Lobotomy, Outcry, We Got Power, Flipside, Slash, Slush, Rag In Chains, Youth Party.

I'll also fork over for early Texas punk fliers especially from Dallas/Fort Worth area groups like Hugh Beaumont Experience, Stickmen With Rayguns, Cringe, Skuds, NCM, Ralphs, Vomit Pigs, etc. I also need issues of early Texas punk fanzines like Wild Dog (Houston), Throbbing Cattle (Fort Worth), and Idle Time (Austin).

Though I focus on the two regions mentioned above, I'm interested in fliers and fanzines from all over. Complete runs of mags like Rock Scene and New York Rocker and Boston Rock and Boston Groupie News are also of interest.

I'm also interested in original production materials like vintage photos and prints especially 8"x10" or larger. Lastly, I'm interested in original tickets and memorabilia from the Sex Pistols 1978 US tour. Please drop a line with what you've got!

Ryan Richardson  ♠   P.O. Box 9175  ♠  Austin, TX 78766

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